This is a website for personal stories in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The stories are told in short video clips and guided by Nonviolent Communication. Each story stands in itself as an end in itself. At the same time, the sharing of stories gives transparency to the human consequences of the conflict, and we believe that transparency brings transformation and change of the political system towards a just and safe system for all.

The videos respond to the question: When you think of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is there a personal experience, an event, that is especially significant to you? What does it mean to you now, and what would you like someone to do differently?

In the All videos gallery you find all videos listed by most viewed first. To turn on subtitles: Press the wheel symbol in the video player. At the bottom of the gallery page there is a comment box where you can share your reaction to the videos.

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You can read about The Project, its ValuesThe team behind the project, and a presentation of Nonviolent Communication which is a basic value in the project. You’re invited to write feedback or a comment about the website and project in general or about specific details, which will be a great support for us.

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