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"My father was not allowed in, they argued a lot, and the army came and yelled at him"
"I told my daughter that it was a person who chose to do bad"
"The gas spread in the air and reached us, we put perfume again over our noses"
"We wanted to gather those stones, rebuild that house or wall, and make the city beautiful"
"When we got to the Al Aqsa Mosque's yard I felt like I was in heaven"
"They arrested my cousin and no one knew he was arrested until the manager turned the surveillance camera recordings on"
"My father went out to speak with them and the conversation went on for long"
"They made us go out in our night clothes"
"I just hoped that whoever was still alive, that he would heal"
"It was only me, my mum and older sister at home... we were very afraid that they might enter our house"
"As I was listening to the man from Israel, I thought about my own childhood and a feeling of shame"
"No one was allowed to leave their house and were threatened with weapons to be killed"
"They wouldn't tell her which prison they were taking him to so she could hire a lawyer to defend his rights"
"We found our apartment in total mess with things on the floor and mud on our bed sheets"
"Around us stood about 10 soldiers"
"It became crowded, one man died of suffocation and another man passed out"
"The soldiers didn't let her go through to the hospital"
"I saw the Palestinian bereaved families coming down from the buses"
"When I saw my aunt's dead body in a passenger car... I felt a deep pain"
"They told a young boy to put out the fire in a given period of time"
"I took my 7 year old son with my hand. The soldier said, He can't pass, where is his permission?"
"Now that friend is in the hospital, not alive, not dead"
"My son cannot go with you, he has an important exam tomorrow"
"There was a Palestinian flag on a high pole"
"His days only start being counted after the day of the trial, which they (the Israelis) set themselves"
"I was really against going to the meeting"
"Let's not worry too much about what happened first"
"The soldiers came and took my cousin Miras instead"
"Then they decided to open the road"
"I saw with my own eyes 4 gas canisters rolling towards me"
"The meetings stopped"
"An Israeli and a Palestinian woman were talking about how hard it is to lose someone"
"A top manager asked me to fire the Arab workers who worked with me"
"Your language gets stuck in my throat"
"The bulldozer was moving towards my daughter"
"They opened the door and came in while we were sleeping"
"They told my son that he should come out and shut the door behind him"

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  1. When I watch these videos, many feelings come alive in me. The very specific and accurate pictures of the soldiers leaving no stone unturned in the house, the disturbed game with plastic weapons, the bulldozer so close to the sleeping girl, the soldiers pointing at the young girl with their guns, and the two women with their children’s picture and name on their chest. It all together makes me sad, sorrowfull and overwhelmed. I long for safety, equality, justice and peace.
    And jet, when I listen to the story of Rami and Mazen about loosing a child or a father, meaningless killed, and they tell the story as it was for them, not forgotten not forgiven, terrible and sad and still, they say “we are not doomed to revenge. We can do something different: we can break the circle of violence, because we are all humans suffering, and we will try to understand the pain of the other side”.
    When I hear that and I see the will to turn injustice to peace, I feel hopeful, affection, fascinated and very touched.
    I have my needs for inspiration, awareness and humanity met.
    And according to your request Rami: I will try not to look the other way when terrible things happen. And try to find ways to act.

  2. Reaction to Haneen’s video: We, a group of pupils at Druestrup Free School in Denmark, were really surprised by your story, it is far out that you can be held back as an 18-year old, by soldiers who search through all your belongings. It must be crossing personal boundaries to be in that situation. We think it is cool that you can have a life now and talk about it.

  3. We (a group of pupils at Druestrup private school, Denmark) have seen the video of Rami, and we now have a new understanding about the conflict. We really like how he was open to learning and hearing about the Palestinians’ stories and hearing about their loss of family members.

  4. Hi Ismail. We were very moved by your story, we can’t understand why they would treat you so inhuman. We hope that the men behind it all, will be brought toward the international court of law, and get what they deserve. We hope for peace for you and your country. We wish you luck in the future. (Catrin, Andreas and Michael, pupils at Druestrup Free Scool, Denmark).

  5. Hi Mazen. After watching the video, I got a much better impression of how it really is in a civil war, and it gave me the impression that it is not only hatred that grows in war, but also understanding if the ordinary people are willing to listen to each other. I liked that the video was not just about all the bad things that has happened but also how he got over all the anger without holding grudges, it must really require understanding of people and energy to listen. The video has certainly changed my perspective on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and I believe that there may be a solution so that there can be peace again. (pupil, Druestrup Free School, Denmark)

  6. We choose to type a comment to you Zaid because, we think that you story is very sad. We think it is sad, that kids can’t play without the risk of being shot. We also like the way you tell the story and we also think that the last sentence is really good. “I don’t care that we live Jews, Christians or Muslims side by side, just as long there is peace”. We feel with you when we see the video. (group of pupils, Druestrup Free School, Denmark)

  7. Hello Ibrahim. We are a group of students (at Druestrup Free School, Denmark) who thought that your story was very interesting. We also think that it’s very spiteful of the soldier to ruin your house and your neighborhood. We think that there is a lack of respect. On the other hand we think that you are very good at handling your reactions. You don’t choose the violent way, but instead you choose the democratic way. You have been a very big inspiration to our group.

  8. We are a group of students from a school in Denmark, and we want to give a comment to Moshe. We think that it is brave of you, to start the group, because it could be dangerous for you. We want to ask you some questions: How are you doing? Is the group back on? How is your friend? It would be nice if you could answer.

  9. Hi Hadra, We understand that you felt the need to show courage. We are also very amazed that you can show such courage and stay calm at the same time. We are glad that you told your story and showed your feelings to the world. You gave us good advice in handling difficult situations, by believing in goodness in all people and be strong enough to act unexpected. We have learned a lot from your story and situation. Regards, Pupils from Druestrup Friskole (school), Denmark

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