The Association

Aug 7, 2019: The association has been inactive for a while. The board has decided to pause activities until there is interest from any member and a request. It could be an offer to support the work, by cooperation, financially, or otherwise. Please contact chair person Peter Ulrik Jensen, at:

Voice by Voice is formally organized as an international association. It is registered in Denmark as a non-commercial association, and has its home in Europe, Palestine and Israel. The association was founded October 1, 2014. Its first board consists of: Peter Ulrik Jensen (chairperson), Regina Bernhardt (vice-chairperson), and Elad Omer. A Palestinian board member is to join as soon as possible.

You can take a closer look at theĀ Rules and regulations and at theĀ Protocol minutes from the founding meeting.

The purpose of the association Voice by Voice is to maintain and develop the project Voice by Voice. The association follows the same set of values as the project, it is independent, non-political, non-religious, non-profit, and it is thoroughly democratic.

Membership influence is available to anyone who has expressed their support of the project, by liking the project on the front page, by liking it on Facebook or other social media, or by otherwise having expressed their support, for example by volunteering. There will be a Meeting of members every 2 years where board members are elected and proposals discussed and decided upon. Next ordinary Meeting of members will be in first half of 2018. The meeting will be announced 4 weeks in advance, and any member who registers to the chairperson 2 weeks before the meeting will have the right to speak and vote.

The purpose with establishing Voice by Voice as a formal association is to have the project democratically held by many and to increase its formal legitimacy. It makes it more easy to relate to other organizations, and more likely to receive donations and funding.