The production of a video clip takes one person 1-2 days of work. First we are contacted by the person asking to be interviewed. Then an initial phone call takes place. Once arrangements have been made we will travel to meet the person and it usually requires 2 hours to record the interview. Finally we are left to edit, subtitle and upload the video.

You can contribute to the project’s and site’s continued maintenance and development by

  • sending a feedback comment, perhaps an idea
  • offering to contribute with your skills
  • donating an amount of money. If you want to support us extraordinarily, please contact us and let’s talk about the best way of doing it.

On our wish list is:
Voluntary and financial support to

  • make the web site in Hebrew and Arabic
  • make subtitles for each video clip in two languages
  • develop the web site in functionality and layout and integrate social media
  • 2 sets of video equipment (1 set is about 800 Euros)
  • train the teams and possibly pay a day’s salary per video clip
  • arrange one or more workshops where people can learn Nonviolent Communication and share a personal experience to the video camera
  • employ a daily leader to survey the project and web site, to support the teams, and to communicate on the Internet and in the real world to make the project and web site known

Merkur Bank (Andelskasse) – Copenhagen, Denmark
IBAN: DK2784010001282294
Within Denmark: 8401-1282294

PayPal: Upon request, please write to us