Your Video?

If you yourself want to share an experience related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on this site, this is how you can do it:

First: (perhaps with the help of a friend or family member)

Get clear on what happened. What are the observations, what was said and done? Distinguish these observations from your thoughts, ideas and evaluations about what happened.

What do you feel when you think about what happened? Angry, frustrated, afraid, sad or …? Stay with your feeling. It has important information to you about who you are in those circumstances.

What natural human need was not met or respected? Safety, respect, freedom or….? Get clear on what you missed in the situation. Use your intuition, feel your body and look for the right word for it.

If someone involved in the situation can make something different today, who would it be, and what would it be? Formulate it as a specific request, not a demand.


Consider, if this project provides a good way for you to be seen and heard. If so, write an email to: – and tell us about your experience and your phone number. Please write “Request for interview” in the subject field. (remember, you have the option to be filmed anonymously, with your back to the camera or your shadow on a wall).

Our intention is to contact you by phone and hear more and arrange a meeting with you. The meeting will take 2 hours and we will only film when we are both safe and ready. At any time you can withdraw your request and consent to have the recording published. Take a look at the Project description and the Agreement form (download at top of left sidebar, the documents download instantly, find them in your download folder).

Please note: We reserve the right to not contact you or not follow through with the interview. This is in case we evaluate that our resources are better spent and the project better served through other contacts. We will communicate this to you.